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Products and Ordering

ScootyPants are custom made to fit your dog.  After you purchase a Basic, Personalized, or Matching Collar pair of ScootyPants, you will be asked to fill out a form that will customize your order.

How to Measure Your Dog for Their ScootyPants--Click Here
Available Accent Colors for your ScootyPants

Personalized Scooty Pants
Give your dog that special touch and buy Personalized ScootyPants. 
The names are embroidered directly onto the ScootyPants. Any name--doesn't matter how many letters--same price! Want a special fabric-- we can match or coordinate, or you can send your own fabric!

Basic Scooty Pants

Are made of denim for durability and still have the option of just a touch of color.



"Scooties” Disposable Scooty Pants Inserts
Scooties These are simply female pantyliners that can be purchased in any store.  We only sell these on our webpage for convenience!!!  We don't endorse any particular brand--because any brand works.  They come 25 to a pack.


Basic ScootyPants with Matching Collar

The matching collar is simply a sleeve that fits over your dogs collar. The fabric will match the trim on the ScootyPants.




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